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Hypnosis is about being relaxed and focused. The easiest way for me to describe how it feels is to paint you a picture with words. Imagine you are on a beach the sand is warm under your feet the smell of salt in the air, walking towards the water the waves begin to cover your toes before returning back to the ocean. Standing in the surf it feels like you are running as the water slowly moves in then rushes back out. Glancing over your left shoulder you notice a comfortable lounge chair with shade from an umbrella. The thought crosses your mind to lay down and relax, you continue to watch the waves gently rolling up on the beach then back out.

Suddenly you realize the random thoughts of what you need to do or should have done are gone, your at peace and totally present. You continue to enjoy the bliss as your eyes slowly close. your eyes are closed but you still hear and are aware of everything around you. A seagull makes a noise and you open your eyes feeling refreshed. The ocean is so large you think as your stretching, glancing at your watch you can’t believe the time. was it possible that was an hour? you feel as though you can accomplish anything. This is my experience with hypnosis, yours may vary.


- Brian Gray -


“I feel so grateful to Brian Gray for my session with him on hypnotherapy. I felt a complete peace and relaxation as he spoke. I felt a sense of calm. I am grateful for the subconscious suggestions of the ways I can improve my life. Those thoughts come to me often. I’m grateful for the positive attitude he has given to me. I highly recommend him as someone to help you achieve your goals in life.


Gilbert, AZ



I believe that everyone has the ability within to change their life regardless of education, finances, current job or life situation. You are the deciding factor on how your life unfolds. I will help guide you with simple steps to manifest the life you know you were meant to live.

I encourage you to look through the facts and myths page and decide if it’s the right step for you.

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